Online Support & Ticketing

From Edge ERP

Edge Online Support and Ticketing helps provide quick and effective responses to any support queries received ensuring that there is no bottleneck in using the Edge ERP solution at any given time.

Registered users with active AMC contracts can use our [Support Portal] to login using the provided credentials to access this feature.

Support Portal - Login

Username, Password and Client Id is required to login and access the Support and Ticketing system.


Name Type Description
Username* Text Registered username. This is available for all clients with an active AMC
Password* Text Password
Client Id* Text Unique Client Id, required along with the Username to access the portal
Stay signed in Checkbox Check this box to stay signed in
Captcha Image Captcha securty
Enter Verification Code Text Enter Captcha code as verification here
Sign In Button Click to Sign in

Support Dashboard

The Support dashboard lists all tickets raised. Tickets can be filtered based on their status and sorted based on the available columns as required.


Name Type Description
Ongoing Button Display tickets with open status
Pending Button Display tickets with pending status
Completed Button Display tickets with completed status
All Button Display all tickets
New Button Create new ticket
View Details Column Click on the row to see the record details

Create New Ticket

New tickets can be created using the New button available on the Support dashboard.


Name Type Description
Save Button Save ticket
Close Button Close ticket and go back to the dashboard
Print Button Print ticket
Delete ticket Button Delete ticket
Clear Button Reset current entry
Client Name Text Logged in Client Name (Pre-selected)
Requested By Dropdown User that is raising the support ticket
Communication Through Text Communication channel (Pre-selected)
Subject Text Ticket subject
Email Text Email of Requested By user
Transaction Date Date Transaction date
Transaction Time (From) Time Transaction From time
Transaction Time (To) Time Transaction To time
Transaction Time (In mins) Time Total time for ticket completion
Status Text
Transaction No. Text Ticket no