From Edge ERP

Edge ERP is an complete Business Management Solution available as On-Premises & Cloud/Web-based versions. Designed for the unique requirements of Contracting, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Fleet & Workshops, Facilities, Worker Villages and Real Estate industries, Edge ERP delivers end-to-end solutions that help your business to increase operational efficiency and drive competitive advantage.

Edge ERP integrates the complete information management of a company to a common platform which helps it to easily adapt to reduce the cost of operations and achieve desired level of profitability.

Edge System User Manual – gives a complete view of each process serving as a technical and functional guide to using the system. Activities are detailed with flow diagrams and cycles with relevant screen shots on how each operation is carried out and their possible outcomes.


Each business house follows specific business logic that gives an upper hand over their competitors. We can tailor & customize Edge ERP so that it would serve the goals without compromising the current business process.

Throughout this document we would like to emphasize on a single theme based on the standard business logic and procedures for each modules. Business Logic or Business Process is nothing but the unique procedures that are adopted by a business, which gives one, an upper hand over its competitors. This logic is given as a flow diagram at the start of each module, making it easy for the user to understand how to accomplish a transaction.

The User Manual is a live technical document and may be updated as the need arises.